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Why I Write About History

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I love the intersection of science and history, particularly learning about the ground-breaking advances that have brought us to where we are today in science and public health. The Black Death and the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic hold immense fascination for me. What I find most amazing is how unbelievably smart people were in dealing with these deadly events, inventing concepts such as quarantine long before we ever understood germ theory. Life-saving discoveries, such as using cowpox to protect against deadly smallpox, were made hundreds of years before the viral nature of diseases was understood. The life-saving sewers of London which helped save the city from repeated cholera epidemics were built in the Victorian era, but are still in use today. Their erection is truly a remarkable feat of engineering and public health that we have no hope of replicating with the same longevity and efficiency today. But in writing about them, and in bringing some of this knowledge to today’s historical romance reader, we can at least honor these brilliant achievements.