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My Cobblestone Carpet

Cobblestone CarpetWhen most folks think of a grand entrance, they might imagine a grand staircase, ascending to a crowded ballroom (think: Cinderella). Or, they imagine a red carpet rolled out in welcome (think: Hollywood).

Well, I’m a historical author, not a movie star. And I can’t imagine anything more welcoming than a Cobblestone Carpet… and luckily, thanks to old-town Richmond’s charm, that is precisely what I got  on my very first book tour!

Romily!The tour kicked off Thursday 2/28/13 at Eagle Eye bookstore in Decatur Georgia, and I was fortunate enough to have a full quorum of friends come out to cheer me on. Special thanks to Charles for arranging everything!

My critique partners Romily Bernard (right) and Sally Kilpatrick made the trek up, and lots of friends and coworkers from CDC and Georgia Romance Writers came to see me take on such questions from the audience as, “So, about this racy cover: can we be assured the pages inside will deliver on its promise?” I suspect some of those friends and co-workers may never look at me the same way again.

Me and Sophia at Eagle Eye I also had the privilege of signing beside the fabulous Sophia Nash (left), who gamely tried one of the decadent brandy chocolates I gave out, and tolerated a rowdy crowd of folks who had all been given copious amounts of said brandy chocolate. We had standing room only, which was lovely. Unfortunately, not enough books… which was not so lovely. But we will rectify that situation as soon as we can! I guess there are worse problems than not having enough books, yes? Afterward, I took a 10pm flight to Richmond Virginia (and yes, I did give an uber-enthusiastic TSA agent both some brandy chocolate and my promotional card…) to arrive bleary-eyed but excited.

Friday 3/1/13 had me at the CBS Channel 6 news station bright and early, where I had a live on-camera interview to promote What Happens in Scotland. Very proud I did not hurl into the nice anchor woman’s lap. http://wtvr.com/2013/03/01/virginia-this-morning-author-jennifer-mcquiston/

Kim and I 2Then, on to my next signing at The Fountain bookstore in Richmond. My critique partner Kimberly Kincaid (left) drove down from the D.C. area to cheer me on, and my parents (below) drove in from other parts of Virginia. Fun writing friends from the D.C. area (Kathy Altman, bottom right, and Robin Allen) came too.Mom and Dad 2

Kathy Altman and I 2







Amazingly, all my books were sold by the end of it… although I suspect most of them were to my Godparents, who surprised me with a visit and then seemed intent on cleaning the nice bookstore out. 🙂 All doneThen, as I was walking into my hotel, surprise! Apparently Friday night is free champagne night! So, I toasted an amazing day, tried to lure a new fan into the world of historical romance, and called it a happy, exhausting day.

Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer me on! And try not to judge me if I am asleep by 8pm tonight… those brandy chocolates and all the well wishes have about wiped me out.

Of course, one more probably won’t hurt me…

You Know You Want Some