» TIME TO DIVE IN!!! Summer is for Lovers is almost here!

TIME TO DIVE IN!!! Summer is for Lovers is almost here!

thermometerI cannot believe it is actually almost time for the release of SUMMER IS FOR LOVERS, the second book in my debut series! Its official release date is September 24, 2013, which is just days away now.

The Atlanta weather is still warm enough for me to pretend it is summer, but I have to imagine there are parts of the country where the leaves are thinking about changing. Even the calendar claims a change of season is only a few days away, with the autumnal equinox on September 22nd.

My book cover, however, insists on a last gasp of summer.

SIFL Web pic

SUMMER IS FOR LOVERS is set on the coast of Britain, in the seaside resort of Brighton in 1842. It features a heroine who swims in secret, a tortured hero who cannot forget the mistakes of his past, and one hot kissing scene in a Victorian bathing house (which seems custom-made for a bit of debauchery if you ask me). While I confess I have not had the privilege of visiting Brighton in person, I based my setting on written accounts and maps of the resort town through the ages, as well as Google Earth images and photos from visitors, which clued me in to its famous shingle (i.e. small pebble) beach and the nearby white chalk cliffs that serve as a stunning backdrop to a midnight kiss or two.

White CliffsBeach 2013-8838Plus, I love the beach. As in L.O.V.E it. I have splashed on beaches along the East Coast of the United States, the Gulf of Mexico, Costa Rica, the Mediterranean, and West Africa, and can honestly say I would rather be at the beach than anywhere else in the world. In fact, my husband and I got married at an Outer Banks lighthouse and held our reception at a beach house, nigh on 15 years ago, so if THAT doesn’t tell you where my loyalties lie, nothing will.

I can’t wait to hear what readers think about SUMMER IS FOR LOVERS!