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Author Interview: Renegade of Romance, Donna Thorland and The Turncoat

This author interview originally appeared on the Dashing Duchesses blogsite. I discovered Donna Thorland and her incredible new historical fiction novel THE TURNCOAT the old-fashioned way. I saw her book trailer. What’s that, you say? Book trailers are old news, and don’t work to drum up interest in a book? Oh, you poor, dear creature.
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Cover Reveal: Summer is for Lovers

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… but I really wish you would. The cover for my next book–Summer is for Lovers–is not just slap-you-upside-the-head gorgeous, it so perfectly captures the mood of the book I was almost in tears the first time I saw it. Summer is for Lovers is an unrequited love
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My Cobblestone Carpet

When most folks think of a grand entrance, they might imagine a grand staircase, ascending to a crowded ballroom (think: Cinderella). Or, they imagine a red carpet rolled out in welcome (think: Hollywood). Well, I’m a historical author, not a movie star. And I can’t imagine anything more welcoming than a Cobblestone Carpet… and luckily,
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Wordle Pic for What Happens in Scotland

Just playing around today, having fun. Seeing the synopsis for What Happens in Scotland splashed up on a Wordle picture is silly fun!

Let’s Get Personal with Author Sarah MacLean

*This interview was originally posted with the Dashing Duchesses, and is cross-posted with permissions. I still remember the day I first started stalking… er…. learned about Sarah MacLean. I was perusing Dear Author, trying to figure out which books I wanted to read next when I came across an outstanding review for Eleven Scandals to Start to Win
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