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An Interview With Historical Romance Author Cecilia Grant

This interview first appeared at the Dashing Duchesses blogsite. I am so pleased today to bring you this interview with new historical romance author Cecilia Grant. I discovered the lovely Lady Cecilia when she commented on a blog posting I had made describing my penchant for unusual plotlines. In point of fact, I was beginning
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Hero Material

 Historical Romance 101 would tell you that every hero needs a horse. In my case, the heroine needed the horse. And against all odds, my hero just came through. Big Time. I grew up with horses, and as a girl I was never so happy as when I was riding hell-bent and bareback across the
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Florence Nightingale: Rebel in a Skirt

This post also appears at www.dashingduchesses.com I find it very interesting that recent discussions on Dear Author and Romance Writers of America (See “Rocking the Mistorical, by the lovely Duchess Valerie Bowman) have focused on the concept of the “mistorical” and whether historical romance today does due diligence to the time periods about which we
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What Happens in Georgia

  Well y’all, it’s official. As one of my fellow Georgia Romance Writers recently tweeted, “There’s something in the water down here!” Now, on the surface, Georgia may seem like a fairly laidback place. We have Spanish moss, of course, and we all know that stuff won’t grow on anything too pretentious. We do have
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Author Interview: Meredith Duran

I discovered the incomparable Meredith Duran when I was trolling Sherry Thomas’s website, and found it took me to a blog site where Sherry and Meredith post together.  The following words on Meredith’s website caught my attention almost immediately:  “After looking at her bookshelf, I am not only terrified, I am downright appalled.” — Random
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