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An Interview with Donna Thorland (Author of the Rebel Pirate)

*This interview first appeared on the Dashing Duchesses* A Duchess does not gush, but if this one did, it would surely be over Donna Thorland’s newest historical fiction novel, THE REBEL PIRATE. I previously interviewed Donna for her debut novel, The Turncoat, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting her next book for over a year. Once
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Let’s Get Personal with Author Sarah MacLean

*This interview was originally posted with the Dashing Duchesses, and is cross-posted with permissions. I still remember the day I first started stalking… er…. learned about Sarah MacLean. I was perusing Dear Author, trying to figure out which books I wanted to read next when I came across an outstanding review for Eleven Scandals to Start to Win
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An Interview With Historical Romance Author Cecilia Grant

This interview first appeared at the Dashing Duchesses blogsite. I am so pleased today to bring you this interview with new historical romance author Cecilia Grant. I discovered the lovely Lady Cecilia when she commented on a blog posting I had made describing my penchant for unusual plotlines. In point of fact, I was beginning
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Author Interview: Meredith Duran

I discovered the incomparable Meredith Duran when I was trolling Sherry Thomas’s website, and found it took me to a blog site where Sherry and Meredith post together.  The following words on Meredith’s website caught my attention almost immediately:  “After looking at her bookshelf, I am not only terrified, I am downright appalled.” — Random
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