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Welcome the Undead: Spiritualism and the Victorians

This was first posted on the Dashing Duchesses (Nov 4, 2013) and is cross-posted with permission. Spiritualism (or a belief in the ability to communicate with the dead) rose to prominence in the Victorian era, my favorite historical period to write about and study. Many theories abound as to why the Victorians developed such a
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Florence Nightingale: Rebel in a Skirt

This post also appears at www.dashingduchesses.com I find it very interesting that recent discussions on Dear Author and Romance Writers of America (See “Rocking the Mistorical, by the lovely Duchess Valerie Bowman) have focused on the concept of the “mistorical” and whether historical romance today does due diligence to the time periods about which we
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Dr. John Snow: Victorian Physician

This blog was posted on the Dashing Duchesses page on March 19, 2012. Not all Victorian heroes were tall, dark, and brooding. Come to think of it, not all Victorian heroes were handsome. Case in point? Dr. John Snow, a Victorian doctor who arguably saved thousands of lives in the mid-nineteenth century by proving cholera
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Why I Write About History

This blog is posted at The Dashing Duchesses I love the intersection of science and history, particularly learning about the ground-breaking advances that have brought us to where we are today in science and public health. The Black Death and the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic hold immense fascination for me. What I find most amazing
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