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Blog-a-Mania! Summer is for Lovers and What Happens in Scotland

As a lead-up to the release of the third and final book in my debut series, Avon has scheduled me for a series of fun blogs stops with Tasty Book Tours. Avon is giving away a tour-wide prize pack, including print copies of both books and a package of Scottish chocolate chip shortbread mix. For those of
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Guest Author Interview: Miranda Neville

This post originally appeared on the Dashing Duchesses.   I am delighted to welcome the always delightful Miranda Neville, who is the author of nine historical romances and is joining us to celebrate the release of her newest book, THE RUIN OF A ROGUE (better known as ROAR). ROAR is the second in her Wild Quartet Series and is available
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SUMMER IS FOR LOVERS Book Trailer Reveal

It’s July 1st, and we are well away into a glorious summer. It is my hope that all of you are finding time by the pool or the beach with a good book in hand, and that you are enjoying all the warm weather has to offer. While my next book, SUMMER IS FOR LOVERS, doesn’t
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What Happens in Scotland Book Trailer: A Valentine’s Day Debut!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I bring you the smoking hot book trailer for my debut historical romance, What Happens in Scotland. As much fun as this is to watch, it was even more fun working with my amazing husband John to cobble it together. A very happy Valentine’s Day, indeed! WHAT HAPPENS IN SCOTLAND
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Why I Write About History

This blog is posted at The Dashing Duchesses I love the intersection of science and history, particularly learning about the ground-breaking advances that have brought us to where we are today in science and public health. The Black Death and the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic hold immense fascination for me. What I find most amazing
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