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Blog-a-Mania! Summer is for Lovers and What Happens in Scotland

As a lead-up to the release of the third and final book in my debut series, Avon has scheduled me for a series of fun blogs stops with Tasty Book Tours. Avon is giving away a tour-wide prize pack, including print copies of both books and a package of Scottish chocolate chip shortbread mix. For those of
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My Cobblestone Carpet

When most folks think of a grand entrance, they might imagine a grand staircase, ascending to a crowded ballroom (think: Cinderella). Or, they imagine a red carpet rolled out in welcome (think: Hollywood). Well, I’m a historical author, not a movie star. And I can’t imagine anything more welcoming than a Cobblestone Carpet… and luckily,
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Wordle Pic for What Happens in Scotland

Just playing around today, having fun. Seeing the synopsis for What Happens in Scotland splashed up on a Wordle picture is silly fun!

What Happens in Scotland Book Trailer: A Valentine’s Day Debut!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I bring you the smoking hot book trailer for my debut historical romance, What Happens in Scotland. As much fun as this is to watch, it was even more fun working with my amazing husband John to cobble it together. A very happy Valentine’s Day, indeed! WHAT HAPPENS IN SCOTLAND
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Confessions of a Debut Author

 I wish someone had warned me. You know, about the being nervous part, about the part where those supposed butterflies in your stomach actually feel more like a hamster. On a lopsided wheel. Trying to gnaw its way out. Why, you ask? My debut historical romance What Happens in Scotland is almost here!!! February 26th
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