WhatHappensinScotland CoverA New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Novel.

Nominated for a 2013 RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for best First Historical Romance

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She woke up married…

And then she ran.

When recent widow Georgette Thorold wakes up in a Scottish inn with a wedding ring on her finger and lacking all memory of how she came to be there, she does what any well-bred lady with a modicum of sense and a distrust of marriage would do: she panics, clocks the wickedly handsome stranger in her bed over the head with a chamber pot, and runs.

James McKenzie, Esquire has either spent the evening protecting a very naïve, and—dare he say it—very drunk young lady from the advances of every disreputable character in the town of Moraig, or he has gone and married a pretty, scheming thief. Not that his own head is entirely clear on the matter, but when the woman in question repays his kindness with a knock on the head, the bill for her room, and the theft of his purse, an embarrassed James is determined to track her down and show her she picked the wrong solicitor to swindle.

As Georgette sets out to discover exactly what happened during her forgotten night, she uncovers a man that seems far more a hero than a rake. But when they finally meet, instead of sweeping her into his arms and kissing her senseless, he serves her with a summons, claiming she is a thief. Now the fight is on, and the only question is was it a night worth remembering? Or a mistake they would both rather forget?

What Reviewers are saying:

New York Times bestselling author Sarah MacLean: What Happens in Scotland is clever and funny, charming and romantic, and a gorgeous read from first page to last. With a fresh voice and a gift for the unexpected, Jennifer McQuiston is a fabulous storyteller–make space on your keeper shelf!

reviewertoppick2Night Owl Reviews(Night Owl Reviews) Top Pick: What Happens in Scotland is a delightful historical romance from debut author Jennifer McQuiston. It will charm the hearts of readers… you’ll love this story as much as I did…Looks like I’ve found a new author to follow.

USA Today HEA Reviews: Author Jennifer McQuiston makes her striking debut with a screwball Victorian-era scavenger hunt, deftly spiced with the angst, urgency, sexual tension and wit that make a romance unforgettable. What Happens in Scotland is a droll delight, fast-paced and touching, with twists and turns aplenty and a vibrant narrative that will plunk you right down into the middle of the village Moraig and tempt you to stay put. The giddy euphoria you’ll feel as you read this entrancing tale will make you think you’re the one who’s been tipping the brandy bottle. Slàinte!

New York Journal of Books: A romance novel in which the heroine is not overwhelmed by the wealth of her counterpart and both stands up for and saves herself is priceless. Ms. McQuiston has created a funny, sparkling, unique romance novel. If you rip off your bodice reading What Happens in Scotland it’s likely because you can’t breathe from laughing so hard.

RT Book Reviews: 4 Stars, Debut author McQuiston delights with a unique take on The Hangover that is destined to have readers laughing out loud, cheering on the confused lovers, and enjoying every moment of this love and laughter-filled treat. McQuiston creates a plot that captivates.

LoveSavestheWorld Reviews: This has to be one of the best debut historical romance novels I have had the pleasure of reading…a stunningly awesome debut. This is a story that…tugs at the corners of your mouth and makes you smile and laugh at the endearing characters and circumstances that happen in the story.

The Window Seat Book Reviews: I just loved this book! It wasn’t the typical hit and miss love story; this was a wild romp from the first word to the last. I kept thinking, what ELSE can go wrong? And laughed or groaned as something happened.

Addicted to Romance Reviews: Jennifer McQuistion is a new author…and I just loved her style of writing. It was witty, and crazy, and a breath of fresh air. Most historicals aren’t very comical without ruining the whole plot…however I loved how McQuiston just put everything together, and how smoothly the story flowed and synced together to make a truly magical love story that will pull at the reader’s heartstrings.

Forever Book Lover Reviews: This may be her debut book but she created characters and a story line like a pro… The story line was unique and captured my attention from the start..  the story was witty, at times snarky, and the heroine was very strong-willed, placing Georgette as one of the best protagonists I’ve read in a long time.

Reader to Reader Book Reviews: What Happens in Scotland is an irresistible romance with more than just one interesting twist along the way to a happy ending. An unlikely beginning blossoms into a trusting relationship, but not without lots of bumps in the road, and the development of the romance between James and Georgette is sweet and compelling. This is a strong debut from author Jennifer McQuiston – romance readers should add her name to their must read list post haste!